Monday 20th September 2010

My Mistress’s sister found some chocolate that she thought my Mistress would be able to eat. It has no dairy and no soya. Anyway, we ordered some and my Mistress had a lovely time eating it. Sadly that was followed by a less lovely time being ill, so she isn’t going to be bingeing on chocolate just yet! Not unless she is prepared to face the consequences and she says she isn’t. She ordered two different types of bars but I don’t think she can face eating the second one in case it has the same effect. Obviously, we can’t eat it, so one lucky member of the family is going to benefit from a bar of chocolate.

We were going to do some of the gardening this weekend, but with all the rain, the door to the garden store has jammed shut and we can’t get in. It’s a convenient excuse, except my Mistress says she didn’t actually want an excuse and has been forlornly looking round the house for anything she could use as substitute garden tools. Fortunately she concluded that the household forks probably weren’t up to the job of digging out the weeds and the scissors may not be up to dead heading the roses. The builder has promised to come this week to sort it out so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long. It meant she had more time to do other things, so she certainly wasn’t idle.

One thing we have been trying to sort out is the business cards that we ordered. The printing quality wasn’t very good and they are being redone. They have asked us to resubmit the file in a particular format. It’s all very well but the copy of that programme that we have is eleven years old and only works on one very old slow computer. It just makes the whole job very slow and very difficult, particularly as my Mistress has forgotten how the software works and doesn’t have a manual.