Tuesday 14th September 2010

It’s going to be a quiet day. My Mistress has gone for some hospital tests this morning. It’s nothing very exciting, but she has had to stop taking her tablets for a couple of days, so until she is taking them again she won’t be much fun. I’m trying to keep the girls under control, which I have to say is not easy as Megan is going through a playful puppy stage. She runs round like a mad thing and then flops down to sleep for half an hour. I just want a bit of peace and quiet. I’ve got a runny eye at the minute and I’m feeling a bit miserable.

It can be very hard keeping the girls under control. At the weekend, My Mistress was doing some gardening in the front garden. We were outside playing, but the girls got bored with chasing round and chewing wood. I tried shouting through to my Mistress, but she thought I was just being difficult. I was really trying to tell her that they were eating the peg bag and had distributed the pegs all round the garden, having chewed some of them. Then, as if that hadn’t been enough, they dug up two of the poppy plants and ate them. I don’ think they are the right type of poppies for drugs, but maybe that explains their ongoing crazy behaviour! My Mistress found out when she came through varying some stakes to tie the poppies to and found they weren’t there. She was not best pleased! We were all sent inside while my Mistress did the clearing up. I tried to say it wasn’t me, but she wasn’t in the mood to listen.

My Mistress did make me laugh the other day. She said that humans working on email is like dogs chasing their tails. It doesn’t matter how fast they go, they never quite catch up.