Saturday 28th August 2010

Worryingly my Mistress’s friend wanted to kidnap Megan. I think she’s forgetting someone. She used to think I was wonderful. I’m mortified. I did say to her ‘Wouldn’t you rather take Shadow?’ but unfortunately for the same reasons that Shadow drives me mad, there were no takers. Anyway, she has now gone and we are all back to being a quiet household – as quiet as three manic dogs can be!

My Mistress is determined to overcome her fear of flying. She is even thinking of trying hypnotherapy. I have offered to try doing it for her but she seemed to think she would only be put in the hands of someone with some proper training! I don’t know where she wants to go, but I have to say it is a concern to me as I have no intention to fly with her. She says it makes it easier to go away for a weekend rather than have to be away from me longer but I think that is just an excuse. Unless they get to the point where I can be strapped into the seat next to her then I don’t think air travel should be on the agenda. We could have a whole row of the plane to ourselves. My Mistress with Megan one side and me the other and then My Master could sit the other side with Shadow and James. I don’t actually think Shadow would stay on the seat for long. She tends to prefer the floor and does rather wrap herself up in a seat belt. You can just see the stewardesses coming round, checking we all had our little belts done up properly. I’ve already got a lifejacket so I could take that with me to save them supplying ones suitable for dogs. We’d still need them for Megan and Shadow though.

My Mistress is actually a little worried about Shadow. She seems to have put on a little weight and doesn’t seem quite so keen to run round. She is now being given special exercise classes on her own in the garden. Thankfully we are not expected to join in. It makes me feel tired just watching from the window.