Tuesday 22nd June 2010

I didn’t have all my stitches out yesterday. Our lovely vet just removed the one that was bothering me and asked if I’d mind keeping the other two in for a couple of days to give more chance of the fluid build up to go down first. I hid in my Mistress’s arms while she removed the stitch but as it turned out it didn’t hurt at all and as I got a biscuit as a reward for being brave I said I was more than happy for it to be a two stage process. My Mistress has gone to the hospital this morning to have her skin clips out and I don’t think she’s looking for that to be a two stage process, partly because it isn’t just a mile down the road and partly, well to be honest they are rather ugly and she is fed up of everyone staring at her neck as they talk to her. She spent most of yesterday asleep. We did think she was going to be working, but she wasn’t as well as she had been on Sunday. Shadow and I didn’t complain. We simply stationed ourselves on either side of her and dozed with her.

What was a concern yesterday was that the terrier at the bottom of our garden was crying for a couple of hours. Now I know he hasn’t been altogether nice to me, but you can’t ignore a fellow dog in distress. I’m not sure if he’d simply been left on his own or whether he was unhappy about something. My Mistress’s bedroom window was open and despite my calling back to him he wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. I do think it’s so much better to talk about things than to just bottle it up on your own.