Wednesday 23rd June 2010

Well we have now had our first budget under the new government and are we any the wiser? I do admit that I started listening to it, but I don’t know about you, I find that the beginning bit is full of all sorts of forecasts that I don’t understand and then by the time they get into all the important details I have gone off to do something else, or in this case fallen asleep. In the end I had to ask my Mistress whether there was anything really crucial and whether any of the measures I had suggested had been adopted. She said that yes there were some important bits but that there was nothing she was aware of that I would get excited about. So still no minimum wage for working dogs or pensions for our retirement. Still no National Canine Health Service or free dentistry for the older dog. Still no free education covering more than purely obedience and still not maternity pay for bitches in whelp. I was hoping that if a puppy allowance were introduced that puppies might be able to stay with their mothers for longer before having to go off and find a new home, but it turns out all these plans will have to be put on hold for the future. Despite all that and the fact that the measure quite clearly favoured humans, the radio and television were still full of people complaining that the chancellor hadn’t done what they wanted. Sometimes humans just don’t appreciate how lucky they are.

Once the budget was out of the way my Mistress went off to see the physiotherapist for more acupuncture on her ankle. Is there any part of her that is in working order?