Monday 21st June 2010

And so we start to remember what normal is. My Master is going away for work later, leaving me with strict instructions to take care of everyone while he’s gone. I will of course take my duties very seriously. Shadow gets to skive off school tonight, with being in season so we can have a quiet night in together. I looked at the calendar and realised that it is only about eight weeks until Megan comes to join our happy throng. I must admit to being more than a little bit excited about her arrival.

The World Cup flutter between my Master and Mistress appears to have fizzled out. To begin with, my Master didn’t actually give my Mistress a copy of his forecast of the results so she couldn’t do any sort of a comparison. However, it is fair to say that her own predictions have been far from accurate. The way the scoring works you get one point if you get the home team score right, one point if you get the away team score right, one point for a correct result and two bonus points if you accurately predict the scores and result. So that would mean there are five marks available for each game. How many has my Mistress scored so far? Well the most she has scored for an individual game is two points. Out of the first twenty six games a total possible of 130 points, my Mistress has scored an amazing twenty four points. I strongly suspect that a monkey could have scored as many by picking the scores at random. She is no longer on safe ground claiming she knows anything about the ‘beautiful game’ at all. Now what exactly was that off side rule again?