Saturday 12th June 2010

Yesterday the sun finally came out. It was wonderful to spend some time outdoors without getting either depressed or wet. I had to promise not to do too much running about but in reality I just wanted the chance to eat the bird seed. I don’t think it’s fair that the birds get to eat it all.

Buying our food on line from Pets at Home hasn’t worked out quite as intended. It’s ok for me, mine arrived as it was supposed to do. Shadow’s on the other paw was directed to the couriers Hull depot rather than their Leeds depot. In actual fact Hull is as near as Leeds, however they don’t deliver to here from Hull so they have now sent it back to Droitwich. As to why it has gone all that way we have no idea but it seems they find that more efficient than actually bringing it to us. Shadow is now worried as we are off to kennels this afternoon and she needs to take some food with her. I’ve said if there isn’t enough or hers then she can take some of mine, but quite frankly she’ll have to get to it before I do! Ok, I’ll be nice, I’ll leave her a crumb or two.

The most exciting thing that happened yesterday was that finally one of the rosemary seedlings has poked its head through the soil. Given they were starting to look as though they had gone mouldy and my Mistress wasn’t holding out much hope, this is an amazing achievement on the part of the seedling and it is being welcomed into the world like the prodigal son. We are now all patiently watching the tray of freesias to see if they can produce some results as well.