Sunday 6th June 2010

I asked what would happen if we let the garden just go wild. My Mistress took me to the bottom of the garden and pointed out that it was already happening and there were hundreds of self seeded beech trees trying to take over. She has asked if I can pee on each of them in turn in an attempt to keep them down. Then she spent half an hour trying to clear some of the weeds at the side of the front garden but had an allergic reaction to something and her arms came out in red blotches. I never realised that gardening could be so dangerous. She is excited that all her seedlings are coming through with the exception of the rosemary. She is wondering if the porch is too warm for them and may move them to a cooler location, although she also wonders if their fate is now sealed and she may be too late. We have now added freesias to the experiment. What I can’t work out is what she is going to do with all these plants. She could have her own little plant stall outside the house if only anyone went past who might want to buy, but when you live on a very quiet lane with little passing traffic there doesn’t seem a great deal of point.

It’s been lovely having my grandparents here. Granny always makes such a fuss of me and although Shadow was a bit uncertain to begin with, she has now found the constant source of cuddles and strokes very attractive and will miss them when they go home. They brought a few boxes of things that my Mistress had left at their house when we ran out of room. It has been quite fun unpacking and trying to work out where to put everything. My Mistress now needs to organise an expedition to the loft to put the empty boxes away. She also needs to find some of the things that have been put up there so it will be interesting to see whether the system of categorising everything has worked or not. If it has she should find what she wants easily – if it hasn’t …,