Sunday 30th May 2010

We normally eat in the kitchen. Well, to be strictly accurate Shadow and I normally eat just outside the utility, but the rest of the family eats in the kitchen and we watch. As a friend of my Mistress is staying, they decided to eat in the dining room. We were still allowed to watch, but that isn’t the point to the story. My Mistress looked up at the ceiling and suddenly noticed water stains which mean that something in their ensuite bathroom is leaking. There are actually quite a lot of water stains suggesting it might have been leaking for a while. So now we have the problem of finding where the problem is, getting it fixed and then repainting the ceiling with several coats of paint to cover the stain. I of course am not volunteering for any of those jobs, but am being sympathetic in case there is mess involved and my Mistress is upset about it. I did offer that she could use our shower room in the meantime if it helped, for which she was very grateful.

There is more seed planting going on. There are two lots that are worrying me. On one packet it says the seeds may take one to five months to come through. How long do you leave them sitting there before you conclude they have failed? Now I know that might sound pessimistic but you need to know where you are. On the other packet it says they take forty days but may be erratic. What is that supposed to mean? Do they come through and then go away again? Do they come through one at a time on different days? (although that might be considered organised). Then is the question if they have to be kept at 15-20 degrees can they stay outside in the patio greenhouse overnight or is it going to be too cold in there? Do they need to come into the house to be tucked up at night?