Tuesday 25th May 2010

Today is the State Opening of Parliament. I’ve asked if I can watch it to see if I can have the television on to watch it so that I can see if any of our policies have been adopted. Clearly as leader of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party I would like to have been there in person or in dog as the case may be, but that hasn’t been possible. I’m hoping to hear that the introduction of the minimum wage for working dogs will be in this parliamentary session or that at the very least there will be a Government Enquiry into why the scandalous situation of working dogs receiving no remuneration has been allowed to continue for so long. I would have thought given the number of corgis in the palace they could have been lobbying the Queen privately to make sure she announces some key changes. I suppose it possible that they lead a life so far removed from reality that they don’t know what some of the commoner dogs have to put up with.

My Mistress is suffering badly with tinnitus at the moment and has been searching the internet for what she can do to deal with it. There seem to be a lot of suggestions of having noise playing in the background to mask the noise in her head. If she plays music with words then the danger is she starts listening to it and singing along at intervals, thus breaking her concentration on whatever she’s working on. She has even resorted to playing classical music, but the problem with that is that she doesn’t really like classical music and simply gets annoyed with it and turns it off. Shadow has offered to bark more to see if that helps, but my Mistress has very gently but firmly declined the offer.