Wednesday 7th April 2010

Well Megan has to go to the dentist as she has a poorly tooth. I must say I don’t envy her that one and I do hope she gets on ok. I’m rather proud of my teeth, though I do prefer to keep them well and truly to myself. I prefer to smile without showing them in case people get the wrong idea.

Note to self – well more a note to my Master and Mistress really. If you are going to move half the furniture round it’s best to start early enough in the day so that you don’t just leave bookcases and chairs in the middle of places people and dogs want to walk though. This is the problem if you get too tired to finish the job. So the table that needs to be in the dining room is in the office, along with the chair for the guest room. The wardrobe for James’s room is in the guest room along with the chair he is having and the bookcase for the office is in the middle of the stairs. I am reassured my Mistress’s words that it looks worse than it is and in fact out of this chaos is going to come order. Sadly we aren’t being allowed to play in the garden unsupervised. There is a very large pile of topsoil that Shadow is longing to dig in and apparently that is exactly the reason we are being kept under close scrutiny. I just want to pee on it to mark it as mine. My Mistress did just manage to get me to move before I peed on the joiners box of tools today. I say if he is going to leave it in the middle of the patio then it’s fair game. Although my Mistress’s response to that was that she didn’t really want me peeing in the middle of the patio, so that was that.