Wednesday 31st March 2010

Well I haven’t has time to read what happened in the budget as I spent all yesterday helping my Mistress get the old house ready to hand over. I can prove that I was helping by the paint spots that I seem to have got on my coat, although to be fair, Shadow has some paint spots too and she spent the day sulking that we couldn’t terrorise the workmen. She really scared one yesterday morning by jumping on a pile of boxes and suddenly barking at him through the window. He was at the top of a ladder at the time, so it was lucky she didn’t scare him too much, it could have been dangerous.

My Master is away at the moment and Shadow took advantage of his spot in the bed being vacant by climbing up in the middle of the night. My Mistress wasn’t ready for an argument at three in the morning so Shadow got away with it. I was just annoyed that I hadn’t thought of it first. I might try tonight and see how I get on. The art is to time it just right so that my Mistress can’t be bothered to do anything about it.

My Mistress went out to Book Group in the village last night. It was raining when she went so she thought she would take an umbrella, if only she knew which box the umbrellas were in! In the end she took a coat, which did much the same job. When she came home and it was time for us to go our before bed, I asked if I could borrow her coat because it was still raining, but it seems it is one rule for humans and another for dogs. I had no choice but to get wet.