Friday 19th March 2010

Sorting out the broadband connection was never going to be easy and it turns out that only part of the issue may rest with BT, though it pains me to let them off the hook quite that easily. For a start the engineer was a lovely lady who turned out to be the same person we had borrowed the coconut shy from last year. Anyway to cut a long story short there was something about pairs of wires and something about bell wires and then something about the number of extensions and the main connection and whether the socket works. So that about sums it up – at least as far as I understood the problem. We are now waiting for our lovely electrician to come to see if he can fix some of it.

Today we have a delivery of Ikea bookcases that my Mistress will have great fun trying to put together. I’ve offered to help but it isn’t my strong point. She says it is something she rather enjoys so I am keeping out of it. The clock now says five days to go, so I’m busy deciding which bed I want to keep handy and which ones I want to pack. Shadow is doing the same exercise with her toys and between us we should be ready in time.

What has been interesting is just how much dust and cobwebs my Mistress has managed to find when she starts to move things to pack. I thought we kept everything relatively clean but it seems that is only superficial. If this is two years worth of dirt, what’s it going to be like if we live in one place for any length of time? I have advocated taking a more minimalist approach to make things easier and just at the moment my Mistress thinks that is an excellent suggestion.