Saturday 20th March 2010

Well I have to paw it to Shadow, she made us all laugh yesterday. When my Mistress went into the bathroom, Shadow hid under the bed covers and waited for her to come out. Then after a few seconds she jumped out like a small child and said ‘here I am’. My Mistress thought it was all incredibly cute and I have to say for once even I didn’t mind her being the centre of attention. It’s the sort of thing that Andy would do, which is funny because in dog years Shadow is almost exactly the same age as Andy.

We’ve been assembling some bookcases. My role was to keep my Mistress company while she did the assembling and I have to say, I think I fulfilled it to perfection. She did quite well at the assembly too. At least that is something she quite enjoys. I’ve got to help dismantle the fence across the old garden later. We’ve been made to promise that we won’t go and have any arguments with Hector and Hugo next door if the fence is removed and on the surface that was easy to agree to. Of course when Hugo comes outside next the temptation might overwhelm me, but at least in theory it seemed ok. Spring seems to have just about arrived and the grass may need to be cut very soon. Where my Mistress planted the grass seed doesn’t need cutting as that is still a little bit patchy but progress is being made with that too. All things considered everything is starting to come together for the move, which is a good job really! I’m just hoping everything will be ready for us in the new house too.