Thursday 18th March 2010

It really hasn’t been my Mistress’s week. Not only has she had to deal with BT but a golf buggy drove into the side of her car as she was driving down a country lane. It just came ‘shooting’ out of the side of a golf course into the road without slowing down at all. She is not best pleased. Now on top of everything else she has to get the car repaired and try to get a private individual to pay for the damage. A certain level of unreality seems to be creeping into our world. I’m wondering whether this is what happens when she takes a break from writing fiction. We are destined in the meantime to live in what feels like our own fictional world, except it’s real. They say that truth is stranger than fiction and it would certainly seem to be the case.

As I am writing this, my Mistress is waiting for the BT engineer to arrive and hopefully fix the problem with broadband. So far we’ve been paying for the service for thirteen days but not actually had any service. Now the rest of the family can understand why my Mistress was ‘over cautious’ in arranging for the connection so far in advance of moving in. There would have been a risk they might have had to talk to each other if they had no internet connection.

My Mistress is sorting out the final details of her trip to Switzerland. She is so excited about meeting Megan and hopes that Megan is feeling the same way about meeting her. I asked if she can bring me back something that smells of Megan so that I can become familiar with her scent before she arrives and My Mistress said she would see what she could do.