Wednesday 10th March 2010

Just two more weeks until moving day. I’ve been to check on the garden fencing and I’m pleased to say that it’s coming on. I’m not pleased that we can’t see through it or over it, but at least there is no risk of losing Shadow or any puppies she may have. My Mistress has sorted out almost all the boxes, but she still hasn’t found the screws to put the wardrobe back together. This is presenting something of a problem and we are open to any helpful suggestions you might have. I would like to stress that it would not be helpful at this point to say we should have made a note of where they were – we know that!

Shadow is about to progress to the top class at dog training. I didn’t appreciate when she asked me how far I had got and I had to mumble the answer in the hope she wouldn’t hear. It wasn’t my fault that I used to find it all too exciting. I didn’t find it interesting to concentrate on that sort of thing. I am the ideal dog around the house and very rarely do anything even vaguely naughty, unlike some! Oh she might be obedient at training classes but who chewed the socks and the over gloves? Who shredded to table cloth? Who took a long time to be fully toilet trained? Who empties the bin in the bathroom and leaves the contents all over the house? Need I go on? So I never advanced beyond the basic class in dog training. So what? I’m easy to live with. I suppose it did make me wish just a little bit that I had done what I was supposed to do, if only so I hadn’t let my Mistress down.