Tuesday 9th March 2010

Every cloud has a silver lining. My Mistress has started packing up the house we are living in now. There are just two weeks until we move and the serious business of putting everything in boxes has begun. On the down side it means the house is a mess and we constantly seem to be in the way. On the up side, it means my Mistress is around for more of the time to do the packing. I keep going in and offering a paw but it seems I’m not so good at putting things carefully into boxes. It was the word carefully that excluded me. I can pick things up in my mouth, slobber on them and then drop them into the box, but it seems that is not the best way for things to get to the other end in ideal conditions. Shadow on the other paw seems to think it is more fun to run off with things and hide them and see how long it takes for my Mistress to go looking for her. Sadly she has eaten another couple of pairs of socks. At least she takes the ones of the clean washing pile and not the dirties.

I’m enjoying the glorious sunny days, but the frosts aren’t so good. Once again there are positives and for my Mistress clearing up after us while everything is freezing is definitely a lot easier. From our point of view having to go to the toilet in the freezing cold every morning is far from ideal. At least I only have to cock my leg, Shadow squats down and if she squats to far she comes into contact with very cold ground, which she tells me is not pleasant. You can tell that spring is in the air by the local ducks. They are pairing off again and finding peoples gardens in which to do their thing. Before we know it there’ll be little ducklings everywhere again. Before that we get the stage where the ducks think that the middle of the road is the best place to mate and we have to site waiting in the car for them to finish – that’s what happens when you only have single track roads.