Thursday 11th March 2010

My Mistress went to a handbag party last night. Now tell me, what self respecting dog would find themselves going to a handbag party and what is it anyway? She seemed to have a good evening, so I suppose it must work for humans, although I had a word with my Master about it and he said he really wasn’t sure about it either. He was much happier to spend the evening at home with Shadow and me.


With only thirteen days to go to the move, we are hoping that the nice man might deliver some oil today. Unfortunately the builders left the heating running night and day to dry everywhere out and it has run out. Now the house is colder than it is outside and my Mistress does not want to spend anymore time up there than she absolutely had to. To be fair she has done most of the unpacking that is possible until the rest of the house is finished, so she isn’t missing out on a great deal. I suggested she could make up one of the beds up there so that we could all snuggle up under the duvet, but she said she wasn’t quite ready for that yet.

We’ve got as far down the change of address list as my things. I have found myself having to write letters to get my microchip registration changed. I’ve had to ring the vet to tell them I’m moving and I need to nip into the pet shop and get a new tag made for my collar. On the whole I’ve dealt with all the things for Shadow too as it was easier than getting her to concentrate. She might do well in training classes but once she comes home, she doesn’t stay still long enough to do the routine chores.