Thursday 4th March 2010

My Mistress is fed up. She wants to know what she is doing wrong. She has come runner up in a monthly short story competition in three of the first four months and wants to know why she isn’t winning. What could I say? I suggested that there may be better stories, but that didn’t seem to be what she wanted to hear. I shrugged and walked away and said maybe she’d be better asking Shadow.

I’m in charge again today as she is at the other house directing the fitting of the curtain poles. She’s doing some unpacking of boxes while she’s waiting. She isn’t just standing around watching, at least that is what she has told me. In the meantime Shadow and I are waiting for my Master to come back from Switzerland so that we can jump all over him. He seems to appreciate when we give him an enthusiastic welcome and it would be a shame to disappoint him.

I’ve been out to look at the grass seed and as yet it is not growing. I’ve tried peeing on it to give it a bit of moisture but that doesn’t seem to be making any difference. I ran up and down to tread it in but my Mistress said she would prefer me to run on a different bit of garden, but that is my favourite stretch. To be fair, she says that is how it got in that mess in the first place and she has a point. I reminded her what a mess the moles had made of the grass in Belgium and said she should be grateful we didn’t have moles too, but she didn’t seem impressed with that argument.