Friday 12th February 2010

I’ve been offered a job. Now you may think that’s a little unusual and I must admit when I received the email I was a little surprised, but it was definitely addressed to my email address and offered me part time work. I’m being offered high earnings and flexible working conditions and I’ve checked the email several times and it definitely doesn’t say that it is a problem that I’m a dog. I just need to send my resume. Of course, I don’t actually have a resume at the moment, but it won’t take that long to knock one together and I would be quite honest to describe myself as a part time writer and homemaker. A house really isn’t a home without a dog! Anyway, if I give my age in dog years, which is about 30, they will see that I am in the prime of my life and would make an ideal employee. It’s almost tempting to send my details off just to see what sort of reply I get. It does say I need a ‘clear line of credit’ and I’m not absolutely sure that I know what one of those is. I know I’ve never been refused a loan (mainly because I’ve never applied for one) and I’m quite sure that my Mistress would lend me £50 if I asked nicely and promised to pay her back.

Apart from reading my emails, I’m doing my usual thing when I come back from kennels of sleeping a fair bit. It isn’t that I don’t sleep very well at the kennels, although to be fair, I don’t, it’s more that suddenly I appreciate the comfort of the duvet all over again as though I’ve never experienced it before. Shadow is just pleased to be around our humans again and I do understand that, but for the first 24 hours, the duvet definitely wins. The ideal is to get the human and the duvet at the same time.