Sunday 17th January 2010

I hate to say it, but we are over half way through January already and how are your new year’s resolutions going? I’, guessing for most of you they have long since been forgotten and you are still drinking, smoking, swearing or whatever your chosen vice is, just as much as you did in 2009. That’s the thing with making resolutions of things you want to achieve in the year rather than things that have to start immediately, you have all year in which to achieve the goal. Sadly, I have to report that as yet, neither my Mistress nor I have made that much progress.

I can’t stop looking at the tragedy that has happened in Haiti and realising just how fortunate we all are. I am someone sad that no one is reporting on the plight of the countries dogs. It can’t be easy for them either. There must be thousands of them in need of rescuing and feeding, but inevitably as it is the human world responding to the tragedy the dogs will be somewhere down the list of priorities. What is amazing is that there are some dogs who selflessly work as part of the rescue teams, hunting for survivors. It’s very humbling to think that some of your kind have devoted their lives to such utterly selfless work. I hope that they are awarded the medals they deserve for being such heroes. It makes me realise just how little I’ve done with my own life. I should be devoting it to a great cause. Oh, I’ve got my political party, but anyone can talk. What really counts is giving time and doing something. I’d like to dedicate today’s blog to all those who are selflessly giving their time to work for the welfare and safety of others. That includes both humans and dogs.