Saturday 9th June 2010

The other day, my Mistress had been in the car with her phone on her knee. Not I hasten to add because she was using it while driving. She was parked when she used it, but hadn’t put it back in her pocket. When she got home at 4.30pm, she parked the car in the village, as she has done for over three weeks because of the snow (the drive is too steep) and because she met a neighbour as she got out of the car, she forgot about her phone completely. That is until 10.15pm when she was going to bed and realised it wasn’t in her jeans pocket. Fortunately, she remembered the last time she had it. So, she got dressed again and walked down to the village with the torch. Fortunately, we had only had another half centimetre of snow and there in the gutter she could just make out her poor, frozen, mobile phone. She brought it home and warmed it up. Dried it off on a tissue and surprisingly found that it still worked after its ordeal. Can you imagine the hassle if your phone got hypothermia? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Being on Twitter is proving a depressing experience at times. Every so often I get excited about gaining a new follower and then I have a look and find it’s someone trying to sell me sex or software, neither of which as a dog am I particularly interested in. I do now have twelve genuine followers, but I feel under a huge amount of pressure to say something clever or funny in no more than 140 characters. Sometimes I come up with something really funny but it turns out to be 155 characters and I can’t edit it down. Other times I only think of the funny things after the moment has passed. On balance so far, I do think  having a blog gives me considerably more scope to be myself.