Friday 8th January 2010

Shadow is on heat again. This time my Mistress was prepared and promptly put the doggy pants on her so that she could still wander round the house without leaving a mess. All was going well and Shadow was able to carry on as normal, until last night. Shadow clearly decided in the depths of darkness that the indignity of wearing pants had all become too much and she chewed them off. Worryingly she seems to have eaten whole chunks of them and my Mistress is expecting to have some unpleasant clearing up to do later. As a result, Shadow is now confined to the kitchen and will have to wait for her new pants to be delivered before she can be integrated back into society. She’s crying, but as my Mistress said to her, she’s only got herself to blame.

You have to think that the birds that migrate south to the UK for a warmer winter must be bitterly disappointed this year. If they’d just kept flying they could have gone to the South of France or Spain and instead they are stuck with sub-zero temperatures. I’ve been discussing with my Mistress whether we might develop a migratory pattern before next winter. Maybe we could spend our winters in more agreeable circumstances. I even pointed out to her that it has been warmer in Switzerland than it has here and we could go to visit some of my relatives. I think it has probably been as cold in Belgium, so I don’t suppose visiting my mum and sister would fit the bill. I would like to go to see them. It’s been a while since my sister had the chance to roll me over in the mud and generally point out that she is boss, a fact that I have never argued with. I wonder what she’d make of Shadow. I really can’t see those two getting on. They are a bit too similar for my liking.