Thursday 7th January 2010

There is only one thing to do in this sort of weather and that is curl up on the duvet. I’m prepared to leave others to be intrepid explorers, adventuring out into the wilderness. For me, safety and comfort definitely come first. The other thing I’ve been wondering is whether this is God punishing us for something. We’ve had floods, we’ve got snow; do you think we’ll be having a plague of locusts next?

The worst of it yesterday, apart from my Mistress struggling to drive in it, was getting back to the village and finding the lorry trying to deliver the wood for our new house’s staircase unable to get up the lane to the workshop. My Mistress was making increasingly desperate suggestions of ways it might get round, but the driver was singly unconvinced. That isn’t going to help everything getting finished on time.

My Mistress has been showing me a new picture she has of Megan. It was taken at New Year and Megan is sipping Champagne. I’m a little bit worried that she is getting the taste of the high life and will find living with us a little tame by comparison. I did try asking why I wasn’t allowed any Champagne at New Year but my Mistress refused to discuss it with me. She has been on tablets which mean she can’t drink and I think she’s convinced that if she can’t then none of the rest of us should either. That is except my Master, who’s allowed to make his own decisions for at least some of the time and he didn’t decide to drink Champagne and beer really isn’t the same somehow.