Wednesday 6th January 2010

I hadn’t looked out of the window when I wrote yesterday’s diary. I hadn’t seen the winter wonderland that was our village. It meant a bit of a change of plan as my Mistress decided that she wouldn’t be driving anywhere in that and turned round before even getting into the car. To be honest, I think she did the right thing. I was worried that she’d go out and get stuck in a drift and not be able to get home to look after us. I wonder if my Mistress would like to come outside and play in the snow, but she said she really wanted to start editing her book. The only problem was that she was planning to start that on a day that she wouldn’t get any interruptions, rather than a day when everyone was at home. In the end she delayed it for a day.

Our latest worry is that our new house will not be ready quite as soon as we had planned. Given that we have given notice to quit the house we’re renting, that could present a bit of a problem. However, in this weather, when she fails to get to her destination, she has to be sympathetic when other people can’t get to their destination, which coincidentally is our house. For a start, it’s very difficult to lay a new drive and turf when you can’t even see the old one for all the snow and ice. I wouldn’t want to be the one to have to clear the icicles in order to fit the guttering.

Meanwhile, I have a General Election to prepare for. My Master said it was worrying that the main parties had already started to prepare when no election had yet been called. I didn’t like to admit that I’d made a start too. I just can’t decide when the minimum wage should kick in for dogs. They all reach maturity at different ages, but then the same can be said for humans. In fact from my observation, some of them never reach maturity at all.