Thursday 31st December 2009

I hope my Mistress isn’t setting herself up to fail. As far as I know, she is setting herself just two New Year’s resolutions. Firstly, she wants to achieve publication of some of her short stories in magazines and secondly she wants to achieve a publishing deal for at least one of her books. You have to give her full marks for determination and effort. I just hope she makes it. Of course, the sooner she does, the more chance there is of her helping me to get a publishing deal of my own. At least I’ve got a blog and a twitter account, which is more than can be said for her, which brings me neatly to my own resolutions. By the end of 2010 I would like to have both exceeded my best readership figures in a month for this blog and have acquired at least 100 twitter followers. That last one might be a bit ambitious but you’ve got to aim high.

In terms of more mundane resolutions, I’m resolving to survive the addition of another girl into the household. I’m just hoping when Megan arrives she is a little less domineering and a little more gently with me. I keep telling Shadow, I don’t need to be top dog, just leave me with my seat to be able to snuggle up to my Mistress. She’s my human, of course I want to sit by her.

After the amazing Lego building that has been going on over Christmas, it makes you wonder what would happen if Lego started making cars. Would it be possible to repair them by simply disassembling the blocks and putting a new one in, or adding a new elastic band? They would probably fit together better than many modern cars and prove a lot more reliable. I suppose there would be a risk in an accident of finding yourself sitting amongst a pile of bricks and you’d need to rebuild it before moving off again. It would be a bit like The Krypton Factor on a bigger scale.