Tuesday 29th December 2009

In the interest of health and safety, my Mistress has dug a footpath out by the back door. It was tough going through the 18inches of ice, but she was worried that Shadow or I might break a leg otherwise. At least we’re built with four leg drive which is at least a little more reliable than the inferior human version. With even more snow forecast, my Mistress is wondering just how long it will be before our drive is usable. Dear readers, NEVER have a drive with a 40 degree slope! (unless of course you live in one of the countries that doesn’t have any snow, or you drive a four-wheel drive vehicle.)

Yesterday was a momentous day in the world of twitter. I got my first follower that I don’t know who they are. Now to be fair, there are many of you reading this diary who I don’t know, but Twitter is still a new experience and I’m finding it rather exciting. If you haven’t joined me yet, you will find me at http://twitter.com/therealalfiedog So far I’m following a couple of celebrities. I am particularly disappointed that Matthew Perry (Chandler in Friends) hasn’t wished me a happy Christmas, but I was glad to hear from Stephen Fry. If I’m being strictly honest it was my Mistress who was disappointed as she added Matthew Perry to the list we were following. He’s one of the people she’d like to invite is she could have a celebrity dinner party.

One of my Master’s Christmas presents was the Top Gear Board Game. It’s very good and anyone can play, but it does rather go on. By the end everyone was delighted that someone actually finished the game and didn’t mind at all if they weren’t the winner. Fortunately it was my Mistress who won. It turns out she’s particularly good at knowing which cars are cool and which aren’t.