Sunday 6th December 2009

We are now nearly a week into advent and Christmas shopping is in full swing. This is the time of year that my Mistress concludes it is far better to let the shops come to her than it is to go to fight the traffic and car parking. While my Master was still in bed yesterday morning she had almost completed her days shopping and just needs to be at home for all the parcels to be delivered next week. She did allow herself the luxury of buying some stationary. That’s for her rather than a Christmas present. It’s sad to see just how excited she can get about a lever arch file and some plastic wallets. However, to her they are the means to organisation and being rescued from the clutter and therefore they are exciting. She’s having a session of trying to organise all her work. She set some systems up when she started writing but they only grew with her work so far. Now she needs something a little more sophisticated to keep track of everything she’s written. I’ve even persuaded her to print out a copy of all my work as well so that we can keep it safe. Even I was surprised to find she now has 138 completed poems. I’m not sure how many short stories she has yet, as she’s still working on those.

Well it appears that England has drawn a good group for the World Cup next year. What’s the betting that with it being an ‘easy’ group, they fail to qualify for the next stage? I’m actually wondering what odds the bookies are offering against England for their opening group matches. Of course, if I’m wrong, it could provide them with a golden opportunity to reach the last sixteen, or however many are going through. Do you think Ireland could ask to be put straight through to that stage and make it 17?