Friday 20th November 2009

I know it rains at this time of year but when will it have had enough? The ground is waterlogged the rivers have flooded and still it rains. I’ve been thinking of all those whose homes are being flooded. Oh sure, you get television coverage when there are people affected but have you stopped to think about the foxes, rabbits and badgers that all live at or below ground level. It’s easier said than done for them to move their belongings to higher ground. We never get any coverage of the hundreds of innocent lives that will be lost due to bad weather, not unless those lives are human. Ok, so it is the humans that have invented the television set, but we could have done it if we’d set our minds to it.

I’ve been thinking about the Discover Dogs event. Now I can understand that it is a good idea to give humans the opportunity to see all the different races of dog and get to ask us questions about our lifestyles. However, I’m thinking that humans should return the compliment. There should be a show of every different race and nationality of people so that dogs can go round and decide which ones we’d like to live with. Clearly some dogs are more well suited to some environments than others. The people could tell us something about the climate of their countries and the types of food they eat and we could make an informed judgement on where we would like to live. I know what you’re thinking. All the different nationalities might say they live in London, but the same is true of breeds of dog. At Discover Dogs it is our roots we talk about and I think the same would be fair in return.