Monday 28th September 2009

My Mistress has been rewriting the early chapters of her new novel to include more description. She thinks that they would benefit from much more about the environment they are set in and the characters reacting to their senses. I wondered whether perhaps I should follow suit in the things I tell you. Now my favourite sensation, other than of course the morsels of food I get at the end of the cooking process with all its wonderful aromas, is getting into bed with my Mistress in a morning and snuggling into the curve of her body. It is the most amazing cosy, safe feeling and I feel utterly content with the world. I could stay like that all day, but she will insist on getting up. Saturday night, Shadow got to sleep in my Master and Mistress’s room too and she tried getting into bed on Sunday morning as well. It took a while for her to find a position that suited her, but in the end she settled for the curve of my Mistress’s legs with her head on my Mistress’s thigh. There we were all snuggled up, it was idyllic.

I like sitting outside on a bright sunny day as well. I find a nice patch of sunlight and sit basking in it, sniffing the air and watching the world go by. I can sit like that for hours as long as my patch of sunshine doesn’t become shady. You humans miss out on so much. There are so many scents hanging on the air. I can read the day without actually going anywhere. Of course it’s nice to go somewhere. It’s a bit like reading a newspaper. Sitting in the garden I get the headlines by sniffing the air. Going out, I get to read the detail of the stories.