Sunday 27th September 2009

Well, Shadow managed to keep this bandage on, so she didn’t have to go to the vet yesterday.  Of course it was because this time they wrapped so much plaster round it that it wasn’t going anywhere and Shadow has been wearing it as a badge of honour. She will go on Monday to have it changed for a lighter dressing. I know it’s partly my fault. If I hadn’t helped her with the licking it might have healed up quicker, but what are you supposed to do when your mate has an injury and can’t actually get to it herself? I did the only honourable thing and helped.

We’ve got a bit of a funny week ahead of us. It’s about time to get news from Switzerland about the puppies, which may turn it into a good week. However, we’ve got a day or two in kennels while my Mistress goes into hospital for a minor operation.  It’s nothing very much, but I shall worry about her all the same. I asked to go in and visit her with my Master but it’s another of these places with dogist policies and unless you are a guide dog, you can’t go in. Guide dogs get to do all the good stuff.

Our new extension is at last at the stage of them building the roof. I’m just hoping that the good weather holds until they finish. It will be funny to see what the complete outside of the building looks like in real life rather than just on paper. Sometimes you don’t visualise things very well and suddenly there is a slope were you didn’t expect to see one, or a window you didn’t know you’d be able to look out of. To be fair, I didn’t look at the plans all that carefully. I got as far as the fact there was a shower for us dogs and walked off in disgust.