Sunday 20th September 2009

There is a tragic irony that the day after I bring you news of Jeremy Clarkson’s manure incident, Lamborghini unveiled its brand new, very expensive supercar, without a single thought to environmental impact. Of course there are those that would argue that its very existence, as a thing of immense beauty, will improve the environment. Perhaps Lamborghini are to be applauded that they are only making fifteen of these wonderful cars, but I don’t think they can be given much credit to the miles per gallon that they work to.

As I explained yesterday, that isn’t going to stop people wanting them and those who can’t afford them, being happy to simply stand and stare if they are given half the opportunity.

Man puts it down to his greater development and civilisation that he has invented machines such as these. However I would like to put an alternative view. Have you ever considered that dogs have thought of the idea before you, and then dismissed it as being an utterly outrageous excess that would use up unnecessary resources. When you think of it like that, you can see that dogs have been taken the lead on green issues for a very long time. We aren’t the ones who ask for the central heating on or who light the log fires. Ok, granted we are more than happy to stretch out in front of those fires, rather than protest about them being environmentally unfriendly, but on the whole we live very green lives. This is yet another reason that humans should aspire to be more like their dogs. We are in reality world leaders, who already have so very many of the issues sorted. At least in our own heads!