Monday 21st September 2009

It was a particularly lazy Sunday. The weather encouraged me to sit around and bask, which my Mistress happily tapped away at the computer. When I say happily, I should perhaps clarify that she was as happy as you would be writing another murder in her book. My Master was out at the cricket for the day, so it was only Shadow, my Mistress and myself and we didn’t do a great deal. Shadow can now get her collar off, so my Mistress had to keep going round putting it back on. It was funny on Saturday, when my Mistress was out, Shadow’s collar came off and my Master put it back on. The only problem was that he hadn’t done it up properly so she was able to take her head straight out of it again.

I was reading something about the world’s happiest city. If you are interested Rio de Janeiro came top. Anyway, my point is that they are probably looking in the wrong place altogether if they want to find people that live happily. If they were to look out in the countryside, where there are still village communities and space to have pets, then they may well find that people are happier than by simply living somewhere that has a carnival for the odd day or two in the year. We had a fun day. I’m sure that’s almost as good as Rio’s carnival! Perhaps I should conduct a whole new study from a dog’s point of view of where the happiest places are to live. It may of course depend on what breed of dog I was asking. Clearly a spoilt little Pekingese that sits on a velvet cushion in a city might think they couldn’t be happier. Having said that, my bet is firmly on the dogs that get plenty of chance to romp round and be outdoors all day, but who have home comforts to enjoy when they want to come inside.