Thursday 10th September 2009

What fantastic news I read this morning. Apparently, scientists are suggesting that it is bad for couples to share a bed to sleep. Now you may wonder why I should get so excited at this news. I would have thought it fairly obvious. If my Master doesn’t need the other side of the bed then there is every possibility that I can take it on a permanent basis, rather than just when he’s away. The scientists say that couples don’t get enough sleep because of one of them, usually the man, prodding the other in the night and snoring. If I promise not to snore and limit my movement to just my own little space, maybe I will be seen as a better candidate for the space. It’s got to be worth showing the article to my humans in the hope they take it to heart. The article actually makes the point that until Victorian times, couples had entirely separate rooms, where they could afford it. This may of course be overlooking the many families that slept four to a bed due to lack of available space and a larger number of residents in the household. I suppose there is a risk that the proposal is going to meet with resistance. If nothing else there would be a big argument over who got which room as there is a nice new wardrobe planned for the main one.

My Mistress has at last got started on writing her new book. She is now in search of a large clear wall in which to set up her command centre. She’s bought a big map of the area, so that she can plan what happens where and she wants to be able to set it up with markers and notes. Hopefully when we move she will have room to do things like that but in the meantime she may have to make do with looking at it all on the floor with me looking over her shoulder.