Monday 7th September 2009

I though Saturday’s excitement had come to an end so I wrote up my diary before the evening. I wasn’t to know I’d be calling out the emergency vet before the day was finished. There’s no need to be worried, it wasn’t anything serious, it was just very painful and I couldn’t have waited until Monday. I tore my claw so that it was hanging off but not completely separated. It’s a bit like you tearing a fingernail off and I can assure you, just as painful. Now on the good side, when you have an emergency on a Saturday night, you have to go and queue in casualty with all the drunks and Saturday night revellers. I just had to arrange to meet the vet at the surgery at 9.15. On the downside however, when they are going to do something painful to you, they give you a local anaesthetic so that you won’t feel anything. With me it was one short sharp, painful, tug and the claw was removed. I’m limping a bit and I had to have an injection as well, which I never enjoy, but I’m ok and I’m getting lots of love and hugs.

The other exciting thing that is happening round here is that Shadow is in season. I don’t think she really knows what’s happening to her body but I have to say I think she smells lovely. Fortunately there is nothing much I can do about it, so there is no problem of having to separate us all the time, but Shadow isn’t going out for walks at the moment so she’s going stir crazy. She’ says it’s a real burden being a girl dog, but I cheered her up by saying I think she’ll make a lovely mum. She’s so caring and washes all of us in the absence of her own puppies to look after.