Saturday 5th September 2009

As a dog, sometimes the human news headlines are unbelievable. I resisted commenting on the release of the Lockerbie bomber, although I couldn’t see why he should die in comfort when he withdrew that right from other people, but now it seems Libya have gone too far. Apparently they tried calling for the abolition of Switzerland. Now just because a country does something you don’t like, it is no reason to call for that country to be abolished. Quite honestly, when the thing you don’t like is that a relative who breaks the law is arrested then it’s all a bit much. How would Libya have liked it if other countries had called for the abolition of Libya as a result of the Lockerbie bombing? They really can’t have it both ways. Do you wonder if they’re really seeing how far the neutrality of a country can be pushed?

I can’t spend too much of my day thinking about politics. I need to get myself ready to go out. I’m off for my photo shoot today and need to get all my props ready. My Mistress says I can take my frisby and one of my other toys. My best lead is out and ready and if I’m lucky she will have packed some treats. I don’t know what she’s planning to wear, I just hope she won’t try to steal the show. From the large holdall she’d taking, I think she may have packed for a week rather than just an hour, but then I suppose it was her birthday present. I’m not actually looking forward to having to walk through the city to get there, but I’m sure that once I’m there it will all seem worth it. Wish me luck.