Wednesday 2nd September 2009

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Autumn is now very much in the air. The leaves have suddenly begun to change colour and lose their grip on the branches. My Mistress was moaning that she’s barely had any chance to wear her summer clothes this year, which I pointed out may have been because she hadn’t got them out of her storage suitcase in time for when we did have hot weather, but she didn’t appreciate that point. I did say that if she put them all away again we might get some better weather again.

The worrying thing is that the ground is nice and moist and all too easy for Shadow to dig holes in. It’s worse than the moles when we were in Belgium. At least on the bright side there won’t be too much more need to get the mower out, but I guess it will be at least a few more weeks before the grass stops growing.

I’m starting to get quite excited about my photo shoot on Saturday. I’ve started working on my coat to get it looking as good as possible and my Mistress has started worrying about what she’s going to wear. I said she should wear one of my T-shirts but she wasn’t sure she wanted to do that for the whole time. I said I didn’t really mind what she chose as long as the colours don’t clash with my coat. It would be a real shame if she chose something too bright and upstaged me. I’ve asked if I can have my collar washed for the occasion and although she has said yes it is on the proviso that I don’t go getting it dirty again before Saturday.