Thursday 27th August 2009

I think I’ve found out where my Mistress is going wrong. I was reading something the other day which said that the number of writers who drink is no coincidence and it might actually make them better writers. I can see it might make them less inhibited writers but I can’t see it would do much for the spelling. This is clearly my Mistress’s problem, she doesn’t really drink alcohol. Oh there is some rum in the marmalade oat cakes she’s made but most of it will have evaporated at two hundred degrees centigrade in the oven. I’m going to suggest to her that she might want to put the bottle of rum on the desk and take a swig from it once in a while as she’s working. I don’t suppose for a minute she’ll go along with the plan, but it’s got to be worth a try.

Shadow and I have become very close. It’s all right until we are taken out for a walk together and one of our humans wants to take one of us a different way. We refuse to go without each other. We whine and make it clear we’re not happy. Sometimes there can be a good reason for the separation but I think with planning our humans could stop it having to happen. OK so Shadow needs training and I sometimes put her off by pulling funny faces and doing funny walks to get her to fall about laughing, but it’s only natural to keep her amused, she’s a puppy. You pull faces at small children, well if you don’t my Master does. To be fair my Mistress sometime finds him an embarrassment when he’s doing it, but I’m just following his lead.