Wednesday 26th August 2009

I was listening to a programme on the radio that was discussing whether what you do in your own home was your own business and not a question for the law. Now you can call me a dumb animal if you want to, but I would have thought this was a fairly pointless discussion. The case they were talking about was about a lad who had smacked her children and then one of the children had called the police. I’m not about to discuss whether it is right or wrong to discipline a child in this way, that’s a whole other discussion, but how can anyone argue that what you do in your own home is entirely your own business? There might be grew areas like the way you raise your children or whether you smoke drugs but what if you were to murder someone. Does the fact that you’ve done it in your own home make it acceptable? The real question is whether a particular type of behaviour should or should not be illegal. If it is illegal and you do it in your own home, you are just as guilty of the crime as if you do it in the middle of a public place. I imagine the relationship between the parent and the child that called the police has not been improved by the situation.

It’s looking as though a record breaking number of you have read my diary again this month. This includes hundreds of you going back and reading July 11th. Why then? What did I say that was so very interesting on that day? I’m still wondering whether there might be a subliminal message in that day that I’ve simply missed.