Tuesday 25th August 2009

I am worried about a book that my Mistress is reading. In the book they find a body in a suitcase which at first they think is human. When they find out it is a dog, most of the police no longer care that it has been killed. Since when has the murder of a dog been less important than that of a human? I realise it might depend on whose perspective you are looking at it from, but from where I’m sitting a dog should be afforded the same degree of protection under the law as a human is. This ‘best friend’ thing is only skin deep for most of you. All I can say is if this is how you treat your best friends, I wouldn’t want to be your enemy.

Shadow and I are enjoying having our photo taken for the new Entlebucher website. It won’t be anything very exciting at first, just something to say that a club exists and start to give people some information. My Mistress was looking through all her photos for one she could use and came to the conclusion that nothing she had at the moment was quite right, so she asked if we’d be prepared to sit nicely together in the garden while she took some. It’s fair to say that one of us was quite prepared to sit still while all this took place. Unfortunately the other one of us wanted to play tug and everything got a bit out of hand. We got a few that my Mistress said she would make do with for the time being but said she’ll try again on a sunny day when maybe she’s tired Shadow out before we try to get her to sit still.