Sunday 19th July 2009

Well the Fun Day was certainly that. From the accounts that we’ve had, a good time was had by all. I was interested to see that of the original 80 coconuts, 40 of them came home. My Mistress likes coconut milk but not coconuts themselves. She’s thinking of setting a stall up in the village with coconuts for sale. I was disappointed to find that she didn’t bring any candyfloss home for me. I know it’s bad for me, but if it’s good enough for my Mistress then I say it’s good enough for me. The most fun seemed to be the plate smashing. Oddly, my Mistress paid for the opportunity to smash the crockery she had donated. I pointed out she could have done it at home for free.

There was a lovely story yesterday about a man of 82 who is travelling in all the different types of transport he can think of. He’s managed in the last seven months to go in over 100 different types and has already set the record for the civilian going in the most types of aircraft. Apparently the world record for a human will be broken if he goes in 240 types of transport. You may have spotted that I used the word human there. It all got me wondering what the world record is for a dog. I wondered whether I might go about claiming the record for the dog going in the most types of transport. I would have to do the aircrafts without my Mistress, seeing as she doesn’t like flying. So far, I have been in a car, on a boat and a paddle boat, a Eurotunnel train and a steam train. I probably went on a bus at some point but I can’t quite remember. I might get a bit stuck when it comes to the bicycle, but I’m sure my Mistress could pull me in a little contraption behind her bike.