Wednesday 15th July 2009

It’s now been three years since my owners made an honest dog of me and married each other. It’s funny looking back over that time. I was trying to tell Shadow the story, but she didn’t sit still long enough to listen.

What I didn’t know when I told you yesterday about the duck shoot was that my Mistress won the prize for the highest scoring woman. Now if we are being strictly accurate, she was the only woman who scored but you will be pleased to know that wasn’t because she was the only woman to take part. Now the ducks are in trouble, she wants to practice so that she does better next year!

Shadow is teething. The best bit about that is that we both get given chews at intervals. Mine are gone within minutes. Shadow’s last her for hours. The worst bit of that is she managed to bleed all over my nose when we were playing tug. It did get me some sympathy and attention as at first my Mistress thought I’d hurt myself and came to give me some love and check me over. Unfortunately, the sympathy and attention shifted to Shadow when it was discovered what the problem was. I had tried to feign a swoon, in the hope that the fuss went on for longer but there was no fooling my Mistress. She’s not prone to being over-sympathetic to minor self inflicted ailments, although she is brilliant whenever there’s a real problem, like the time I got a hawthorn in my paw. How does that work exactly? I got a thorn in my paw and it was really painful, until it was removed. Shadow on the other paw seems to eat hawthorn branches complete with the thorns. She’s an odd puppy.