Tuesday 14th July 2009

Shadow tried to go for a walk on her own yesterday. She only went as far as James was but it meant she had to cross a road on her own and despite all the advice I’ve given her, I’m sure she didn’t look both ways first. It’s a good job the roads round here are really quiet. I can see I’m going to have to keep an eye on her.

Meanwhile, it has been the village duck shoot, with lots of people attempting to hit golf balls across the village pond and into a target the other side. The ducks were all a little non-plussed by the experience and although some of them had previous experience, all this year’s flock of ducklings were duck shoot novices. I thought some of them might like to be on the other end of the clubs and have a go themselves, but no one had any duck length clubs for them to use.

My Mistress is busy preparing for the coconut shy for the village fun day. The first problem we have got, after having ordered the coconuts and trying to guess exactly how many we would need, is that all the balls for the shy have gone missing. My Mistress is now experimenting to see of the balls from the croquet set will make an acceptable substitute. I want to know if that will make it a croquetnut shy!

We went to have a look at the new house yesterday. We have moved past it just being a hole in the ground. It’s now a hole in the ground with some concrete in it. I’m hoping that soon there will be a little more to see. Even a wall would be exciting in comparison.