Thursday 16th July 2009

Shadow and I seem to have become very close over the last few weeks. I have to say, I really like it when she starts giving me a wash. It saves quite a lot of effort on my part and means all those difficult to reach places are no longer an issue. What is embarrassing is that everyone around seems to think it’s cute and sits down to watch us. How would they like it if we sat staring at them while they washed?

My granddad had thought Shadow was so cute that he was threatening to take her back with him today. I was ready and prepared to defend her if I needed to. I was disappointed that he didn’t seem to think he wanted to take me back, but I do have to admit that she is incredibly cute. My other grandparents are coming to stay this weekend, perhaps they will think I’m the cutest one!

We do have one piece of good news. The coconut shy crisis has almost been resolved. You may remember we are in need of balls. The croquet ones were too big and too heavy. Tennis balls would be too light and bouncy, golf balls are too small and bouncy. It was starting to look as though the coconut shy and the plate smashing were in danger of not being run. However, we have been in touch with a neighbouring village and thankfully they have balls and they will lend them to us. Such are the rigours of village life. Now all we need is the tarpaulin and something to tie it to, oh yes, and the coconuts!