Wednesday 17th June 2009

I was delighted to hear that the poor one week old puppy that was washed in the toilet by a four year old and was flushed away, not only survived but was rescued from a pipe 20 metres from the house. Other than being delighted that the puppy was all right, I did have to wonder how a one week old puppy had been left alone with a four year old child and come to that how it could have got muddy in the first place. Where was the mother? Come to that where were both the mother of the boy and of the puppy? I can only hope that the poor little fellow has not been permanently scarred by his ordeal.

Meanwhile on the other side of the Atlantic, President Obama was writing a note to excuse a girl from a day at school because she had gone to see him. You can imagine that there is now a debate going on as to whether that was a lovely gesture, or whether he can now be seen to support children playing truant from school. On balance it comes over as a lovely gesture, but you can imagine some people taking the opposite line.

Back at home, Shadow has started to ask me lots of questions about what it’s like to stay in Kennels. She wants to know whether my Mistress will be coming with us and was disappointed to find out that she wasn’t. She was also disappointed that we couldn’t take the double bed and the easy chair for the week. I didn’t ever get as far as explaining there wouldn’t be treats between meals as well. I just hadn’t the heart to break it to her.