Thursday 18th June 2009

Considering her age, Shadow is doing rather better in obedience training than I think is good for her. What has happened to her independent spirit? Oh, she’s perfectly happy to attempt to escape through the front door at every opportunity, but when she’s on the lead she is actually willing to walk to heel. I do my best to put her right and spur her on to rebellion, but she just doesn’t seem to be that sort of a dog. Mind you she was the sort of dog that escaped from the confines of the kitchen after my Mistress and I were asleep and proceeded to come and bounce on both of us. She  is also the sort of dog that will happily leave branches and plant roots all around the house, but she sits when told, will stay on command (for a second or two) and as I said, walks to heel. Whatever happened to presenting ourselves as an independent minded breed that could make decisions for ourselves? I wonder if Megan will meet my expectations on this front or whether it will be left to me to lead the way.

Now I know I always think the best of my native Belgium, but here is a story that sounds a bit alarming. There is a girl there who went to a tattoo parlour for three stars on her face and claims that she fell asleep and only woke up as he was finishing the 56th star. Now call me a cynical dog if you like, but there are needles involved in having a tattoo, how does someone fall asleep through all of that? That is quite without my asking the question why she would have wanted three, never mind 56, stars on her face anyway.