Monday 8th June 2009

We had a dog-fight on the bed this morning. Shadow encroached on my spot. So here we sit, looking somewhat dog-eared, both dog-tired and definitely in the dog-house. I’m inclined to say that it really is a dog’s life. There is so much dogma around what we can do and it takes dogged determination to work our way through it all. Most of the time, it’s safer just to lie doggo and hope nobody notices we are on the settee or the bed.

Fortunately, my Master and Mistress went shopping at the weekend. Shopping itself is rarely a fortunate event, but it led to the discovery that they had been completely overlooking the occurrence of Father’s Day in a matter of under three weeks time. Father’s Day in this household takes a bit of planning. For a start father and children need to be together for it to happen and it turns out that on the real Father’s Day, they won’t be. Nor for that matter will Shadow or I be with him, or even my Mistress. So it’s cancelled, or at least moved to a more convenient date. My Master has decided that what he’d really like to do is go quad biking, so I’m guessing that Shadow and I will be left out whenever it happens, not that we could go for a meal at the pub either, but the latter would at least include my Mistress. I’m still waiting for the introduction of Dog’s Day, when the whole family will get to appreciate the finer points of the key pets in their lives and shower us with presents. I wonder if anywhere does quad bikes that have been adapted so that we could drive them, or whether we could play that laser game where you shoot each other.