Saturday 16th May 2009

And then it rained. ‘Light showers’ the forecasters told me. All I can say is if these are light showers, I dread to think what heavy ones would have been like. Had they occurred on any other day of the week, I could have watched them from indoors and felt snug and cosy. However, yesterday I had a training session, outside, in the pouring rain and I was not a happy dog. Mind you, my Mistress opted not to put her leggings on and regretted that decision and when she wasn’t looking where she was going she stepped in a puddle that cam up and over the top of her show and she wasn’t overly impressed by that either. Meanwhile, Shadow was home in the warm and dry. It isn’t even as though it’s worth my hoping for rain on Monday night so that she has to put up with it too. She doesn’t seem to notice the rain and simply carries on. I think it’s because of my delicate skin that I mind so much, although my Mistress says I’m simply a wimp.

My Mistress has been spending her time sorting out the computers in the house. In a moment of lunacy she said that James could have her old laptop. This means spending hours setting up all her work on another machine and as with all these things it always takes longer than you’re expecting. The funniest bit is that having got used to the distance between the letters on the keyboard, switching to a different one I keep hitting the wrong keys. I suppose I’ll get used to it in time. On the plus side there is now more room on the desk for me to clutter up.