Sunday 17th May 2009

When I mentioned the misnamed light showers I was not expecting a ‘light’ thunder storm. When I say light, I’m not referring to the great flashes of lightning filling the horizon, it is more in the sarcastic use of the word ‘light’ as in ‘extensive and overhead’. Shadow hid under the bed. I insisted on being cuddled and the boys would have got under the bed if only they could have fitted. Only my Master and Mistress seemed to still be in control of all their faculties and that, quite honestly, is saying something! My Mistress went round calmly turning off all the computers, two of which had rebooted while she in the middle of downloading files from the internet. To say she wasn’t happy would be a little bit of an understatement.

In this age of modern technology people have come to expect a mobile phone signal to be available to them wherever they are. Everywhere it seems except the village we live in. My Mistress was looking at the maps of mobile broadband coverage with a girl in a shop who was trying to advise her on the best package. It seems that there isn’t a ‘best’ option. For where we live to be precise there isn’t even a least bad option, they all simply include our road as being outside of all available coverage. We are officially backward, a claim that my Mistress seems to be quite proud of, for reasons that escape me. Maybe it’s because she was born way back in the last century before all this technology existed. Maybe, on the other paw, she is simply out of touch with the real world! I’ll leave you to decide that one. I couldn’t possible comment.