Friday 15th May 2009

It took a little bit of time for my Mistress to wake up to the noises coming from the hall and realise that Shadow had run off with a shoe. I can honestly say that I don’t know what it is about dogs and shoes. I’ve never had the least inclination to run off with or chew on anyone’s shoes. With Shadow it is an altogether different matter. She’ll even have a go if the person is still wearing them.

There is going to be a Fun Day in the village and I’m already looking forward to it. I do hope that dogs can go and that it isn’t one of these ‘human only’ events. I thought I’d quite like to take part in a race of some sort. Now I realise that four legs might be seen as an advantage but I’m willing to give the others a head start. I would offer to run on two legs, but I doubt that I’d get very far. Shadow, being significantly more athletic than I am might do rather better. All we need now is some sunshine and some people.

As with last year the number of ducklings seem to be declining. I can’t bear to think what fate may have befallen the ones that are no longer to be seen waddling behind their mums. I’ve also noticed that the fathers don’t seem to be very much in evidence and I’m wondering if the mothers should be contacting the child support agency for maintenance payments for the ducklings. I can’t be easy bringing up all that number on your own and maybe it’s for want of some of the basics in life that the other ducklings haven’t survived. I don’t know which is a worse thought, lack of money which would be so easily resolved or that there is some sort of predator helping themselves to our ducklings. And I for one cannot be blamed.